SongS of hope 2021

Songs Of Hope 2021

A Benefit Concert Supporting Underserved Arts Education

The Find Your Light Foundation

Saturday April 24th at 7:30pm EST (4:30 pm PST) Click the Link Below

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Songs of Hope 2021 is a a virtual benefit concert for Josh Groban’s Find Your Light Foundation to give back and provide funding for music and arts education for the underserved.

“Songs of Hope 2021 is a virtual benefit concert supporting underserved arts education programs throughout the country with the help of The Find your Light Foundation.

My goal for this concert is to create an awareness about the importance of music and arts education in a child’s development; and bring hope and inspiration to all in this difficult time.” – J.R. Heckman

All money raised will support programs that empower young people with arts education. These programs change lives and transform the future of young people around the world. But arts education programs are being cut at a drastic rate. To not have the tools of the arts in a young person’s life is traumatic, especially in the inner cities and other places where a sense of self and a way to develop leadership skills, to feel a deeper connection to yourself, to your community, to your home life are so critical. It could not be more vital, when we need more than ever a way to express and to learn from our common humanity, in a way that only the arts can provide us with.

This will provide so many young people with a chance to explore that wonder. When the arts are a part of a young person’s life, their grades improve, they find new and interesting ways of learning other subjects, graduation rates go up, and there are so many other benefits to these young people and those whose lives they touch.

Performer Information & Bio Summaries

J.R. Heckman

Annaleigh Ashford

J. Mark McVey

Telly Leung

Teal Wicks

Julie Gulenko

Joelle Westwood

Crystal Monee Hall

Giovanni Castiglione

Brian Donovan

Special Thanks to Creative House Studios & Henri Rapp Recording

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